Winemaking: Art. Science. Patience.

Enology is the science & study of winemaking. Part art and part science, the study of wine has become a fascination for our winemaker Blake. With a Graduate Certificate in Enology and Viticulture from UC Davis in California, in addition to his PhD in Electrical Engineering, Blake has developed a winemaking style that relies heavily on measuring and monitoring the wine specifically to guide the timing of traditional winemaking techniques. He believes that by using a combination of scientific and sensory methods to constantly understand the evolving state of a wine manipulation often becomes unnecessary. Settembre Cellars strives to craft exquisite wines in a manner that supports a Colorado Grape in reaching its inherent potential while letting the vine's seasonal story be heard. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks allows us to delay press and fully translate a grapes place to bottle (extended maceration is virtually unheard of in wineries where quick rotation of tanks is demanded by economic influences). Premium French Oak barrels are used to achieve an elegant integration of oak & wine. Our wines are unfiltered and bottle-aged prior to release allowing the wine to properly develop prior to release. Art, Science, & Patience for Elegance, Balance, & Depth.

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